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Prescilla Una

Prescilla Una is from Toronto Canada. She is a professional recording artist, producer, singer, song writer, multi instrumentalist. She has been singing since she was a toddler, as music was always playing in her home growing up. Her mother names her after Elvis Presley's wife. She first started playing drums and flute in middle school. She decided to take her music to the professional level after writing a handful of songs. Her first live performance was at the Rockpile Etobicoke in 2012.


Her song writing and inspiration comes from her life ups and downs. Music Therapy released Dec. 2014 on her independent label Peaceful Revolution Music, was many singer songwriter style with a few rock ballads and a Trap song. 

Enlighten took 6 years to release, just before her book ; Blessings of Covid-19 was released. Enlighten was an International project recorded in Ontario, London England at the prestigious Abbey Road studio where the Beatles recorded, and Sao Paulo Brazil. Songs where remixed In Germany, Brazil, Uruguay and USA. American from the originator of house music Jessie Saunders. 


For countless years, Prescilla was the head leader community builder organizer of various independent multi arts events including multi genera, actors, and comedians alike in Toronto.

In 2016, her music video for "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT" won an award for best International Faith Film;


She is the originator/pioneer of creating a music video style that incorporate both original and remix of her songs in album ENLIGHTEN;


She became friends with the originator of HOUSE music Jessie Saunders and he agreed to remix his first country song;


She is currently working on her 3rd album "FREE LOVE".


Record label- Rock Solid Talent Entertainment



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