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Abaddon's End, is a 4-piece Nu/Groove metal band from Wisconsin.

The band is fronted by vocalist Caleb Hardy (31) under the stage name Rexford (Rex) Castle (Can travel through time, has telekinetic powers, and impulsive tendencies),  drummer Kyle Alt (Yukon Cornelius) formerly of Shaman Spell ("make sure you mention that"), and bassist (Steve Bassist) Steve Sugden (Mysterious immortal, famous throughout time.

It is said he invented bass and the idea was stolen from him, also rumored to have had romantic relations with Joan of Ark).

After Shaman Spell disbanded, Kyle and Steve decided to stick together and give it "One last shot". Then recruited Josh Cooper. Over the course of the next 3 years, they wrote and recorded all of the the original 15 songs. (Upon signing on with their new record label Josh departed from the band and was replaced by Taylor.)

Something was still missing, they needed a vocalist. They tried over 30 different vocalist, and where about to give up. Then one day Kyle got a message. It contained a crazy video of a guy dressed as King Diamond screaming "Them Bones"- Alice in Chains in a cover band. Unsure if it was the right guy for them, they decided to meet him. After all the bad experiences they've had meeting potential vocalists, they decided to meet him in a public place in case he was a wacko (and he is).

They met at a local restaurant parking lot. When Caleb arrived both Kyle and Steve exited the vehicle. "You the guy!?" shouted Kyle. "Yea", Caleb hesitantly responded. "You got the stuff?", said Steve. The rest is history.

Over the course of the next 8 months Caleb wrote the lyrics to all the songs and recorded the vocals in Josh's home studio. Half way through the process, Caleb developed an auto-immune disease. Sarcoidosis made him lose half his eyesight and his lymph-nodes to inflame. Regardless, Caleb managed to record the rest of the album during his treatment, and regain his lung strength and eyesight.

Manager- Phil Taylor
Record label- Rock Solid Talent Entertainment 


WRCO 100.9 FM. The Morning Show. Dec 22, 2022

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